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Merchant Accounts

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What is a merchant account?

A merchant account is a special type of bank account that allows an organization to process payments made by credit cards and debit cards. Online payments are handled by an "internet merchant account" (sometimes also called a "card-not-present" merchant account).

Do I need a merchant account to use SimplyRegister's registration services?

No, but having your own merchant account allows us to offer you the best pricing and additional features (see below).

Why would I want to use my own merchant account?

When you use your own merchant account:

How can I get a merchant account?

Call your bank and tell them you want an "internet merchant account." They'll ask what kind of business you have, how many transactions per month you expect to have, and what dollar amount you expect your average transaction to be. Typical set-up time is 1-2 weeks, but some places are able to do it more quickly.

You'll also need a "payment gateway," which is what connects your merchant account to SimplyRegister's registration service. In many cases, the bank at which you get your merchant account will have a relationship with one or more payment gateways and can sometimes offer discounted pricing. Often, the merchant account and payment gateway are bundled into a single package. Be sure to mention that you need a payment gateway when you talk with your bank (see our list of supported gateways below).

Which payment gateways does SimplyRegister support?

We currently support the following payment gateways:

If you need to use a payment gateway that's not on the list above, please e-mail us. We can usually accommodate new gateways but need some lead time to implement them.