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Service Fee Pricing


How much does the registration service cost?  That's a fair question and one that's difficult to find an answer to on other registration sites.  We're not going to try to confuse you with tricky percentages or ask you to "call for sales and pricing."  SimplyRegister provides straightforward and competitive pricing for events of all sizes, so we like to tell event directors what our pricing is up-front:

Basic Plan Professional Plan 1 Professional Plan 2
Registration form is on: SimplyRegister's website Your website Your website
Payments are processed through:1 SimplyRegister's account Your own merchant account SimplyRegister's account
Setup fee: free free $150
Monthly fee: free free $75
Fee per item:2 +tiered $1.50 +tiered
Fee per $0 item:3 free free free
Fee per donation:4 3% (min. $0.50) $0.50 3% (min. $0.50)
Mgmt. data-entry w/o payment:3 free free free

1 If using SimplyRegister's account, payments can be handled in U.S. Dollars only. If using your own merchant account, payments can be handled in the currency supported by your account, and you are responsible for your own merchant account and banking charges.
2 Service fees apply to each event separately, as well as to add-on items like t-shirts.
3 There's no service fee for registrations when the payment due is $0 or for ones data-entered by event management without payment.
4 Donation fees apply when registrants free-type their donation amount; for pre-set amounts, standard per-item fees apply.

We're confident in our prices.  If you're in doubt, we encourage you to shop around.  We've found that if a service provider isn't making their fee structure clear, it's almost always because they don't want to.

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