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About SimplyRegister

Contact Information

SimplyRegister, Inc.
PO Box 294
Jamestown, IN 46147

info@( nospam )simplyregister.net

SimplyRegister is an online event registration service. We offer event directors the tools to get the job done. Nothing more; nothing less.

What makes SimplyRegister different?

Marketing Fluff

What you're not going to see on our site are big fluffy marketing phrases like "participant management solutions" or "web-based automation tools." If you're into marketing buzzwords, you've come to the wrong site. Why? Because, again, our goal is simply to provide a great, no-nonsense registration service that's easy to use.    +see an example of marketing fluff


We provide straightforward and competitive pricing for events of all sizes, and we publish our pricing up-front.



Our online registration system uses secured servers and industry-best encryption. We enforce the use of HTTPS for all services to ensure that customers interact with SimplyRegister only via encrypted connections. We regularly review the details of our implementation, including which protocols and ciphers we support. See our rating and compare it to others at Qualys SSL Labs.

Data Storage

We don't store full credit card numbers or bank account numbers on our servers. This means participants will need to enter their credit card number each time they register...but it also makes it much more difficult for hackers to steal credit card information from us!

PCI Compliance

Like all companies that accept credit card payments, we're subject to the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard. As part of the PCI compliance process, we undergo monthly network security scans by an independent third party as well as an annual security assessment.


Our registration system doesn't need cookies to function because we set it up right the first time. So we don't set any cookies on your computer.


We quickly investigate all reported security issues. If you believe you've discovered an issue with our security, please contact us at info@( nospam )simplyregister.net and provide details so we can reproduce it. We kindly request that you not publicly disclose the issue until it has been addressed by SimplyRegister.


Use of Data

We don't give out participants' personal information to anyone but event management! We hate spam, telemarketing, and junk mail and assume your participants do too. Read SimplyRegister's Privacy Pledge.

E-mail Lists

Participants can't opt out of our lists because...we don't have any lists! Read SimplyRegister's Privacy Pledge.

Customer Satisfaction

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for participants to register for events. If you're dissatisfied with our quality of service or have suggestions about how we can improve our service, please e-mail us at: info@( nospam )simplyregister.net

Using SimplyRegister for Your Event

To use SimplyRegister's registration service for your event, see the Information for Event Directors.