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About Service Fees

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Service Fees and the Configuration Process

When setting up your event, all fees you enter should be the total amounts you want registrants to pay, inclusive of service fees.  Registrants will be charged the amounts you enter during the configuration process (service fees will NOT be added on automatically).  You will be billed separately for service fees.

If you want to display the service fees separately to registrants (see below for examples), you will be able to choose that option later during the configuration process.  In that case, you should add enough to the amounts to cover the service fees.  (There will be a calculator available during the configuration process to assist you with this.)

Display of Fees to Registrants

When showing fees to registrants, you have the option of displaying the total fee or displaying the registration and service fee portions separately.  We've found that displaying the total fee results in fewer aborted registrations.  Of course the total fee participants pay is the same either way, so why complicate things and why give them pause to second-guess their decision to register online?  Think of it as the "free shipping" phenomenon—wouldn't you be more likely to complete your purchase if you got free shipping?  Below are two examples of how fees can be displayed:

Example 1 - Registration Fee and Service Fee Displayed Separately

A 5 km race has a entry fee of $20 and offers a t-shirt for an additional $10.  Joe Runner comes to SimplyRegister to sign up himself and his wife Emily; only Emily wants the t-shirt.  Here's what they pay at checkout:

Joe's 5 km run entry fee: $20.00 + $2 service fee
Emily's 5 km run entry fee: $20.00 + $2 service fee
T-shirt: $10.00 + $1 service fee
Total: $55.00

Example 2 - Registration Fee and Service Fee Displayed Together as the Total Fee

Here's the same example as above, but this time combined as the total fee:

Joe's 5 km run entry fee: $22.00
Emily's 5 km run entry fee: $22.00
T-shirt: $11.00
Total: $55.00

Much easier and cleaner, right?

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